The 4th Age
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A Night Out and a Night In

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Post by Conleth on Tue May 28, 2019 10:13 pm

Evan took advantage of Ghost’s surprise and the distraction of the others and struck Ghost with a tendril made of dark energy. At the same time Serena elbowed him in the face before he phased out again. As Ghost moved he saw Tony and he seethed with fury. “Now all 3 of you will die,” he said as Steve, Tony and Isabella attacked him. Ghost was prepared for this however and as they attacked him together he shifted and moved avoiding their attacks and attached them back. Unfortunately for him Tony and Isabella had taken his attack on their daughter personally.

“You wanted me here and so I’m here,” Tony said angrily. Ghost was injured as well as Steve but he seemed more determined than ever to continue his attack. He removed a large orb from his belt and he staggered back a step. “Good and now we will all die!” He growled and tossed the Bomb. As he did he materialized.


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A Night Out and a Night In - Page 2 Empty Re: A Night Out and a Night In

Post by XslvrstarX on Tue May 28, 2019 10:22 pm

Serena watched as Ghost tossed the orb shaped belt into the middle of the room. She quickly stepped up and as the bomb exploded she used her powers to absorb the energy of the explosion. She was just barely able to contain the energy. She then lifted both her hands just as Ghost materialized and shot the energy of the explosion back at him. She had absorbed part of the energy and so it wouldn't be strong enough to kill him...but certainly to seriously injure him. She then staggered a few steps before collapsing into an unconscious state.


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