The 4th Age
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What A Life Is Worth

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Post by XslvrstarX on Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:34 pm

Natalya was rather surprised to hear Logan say that he wanted to stay with her in her room that night. She looked at him for a moment or two before slowly nodding. “I’ll get you a blanket,” she said as she got up and walked to her closet. She pulled out a few blankets and then grabbed the second pillow from off of her bed and gave it to him. She kept the one that he had used the other night because it still smelled like him and she gave him the pillow she had used.


Kate smiled at Steve and reached up and caressed his cheek lightly with her fingers. “It’s not corny. It actually makes me love you even more.”

Isabella walked over and got out some champagne flutes while Tony opened a rather expensive bottle that they had in their private bar. He poured them each a glass and then Isabella raised her glass.

“To Mr. and Mrs. America,” she teased with a smile. Kate rolled her eyes but smiled and they all clinked their glasses before taking a sip. “We should get a statement ready for tomorrow about the two of you,” Isabella said before taking another sip. It was really good champagne.

Kate glanced at Steve and then looked at Tony and Isabella. “Actually, Steve and I have been talking and we would like to wait a while before a statement is made. We really want to focus on helping Logan.”


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What A Life Is Worth - Page 2 Empty Re: What A Life Is Worth

Post by Conleth on Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:52 am

Logan had no idea what he was doing nor why he was doing it. He knew he was in New York and in The Stark Tower. ‘Iron Man? Seriously? How in the hell is this happening?’ He wondered. He hoped he would wake up and find that this...this...insanity was just a dream. There was something all too familiar though about Natalya’s scent. She used soap and shampoo and deodorant like everyone else but there was something else as well. And it tickled his mind in a comforting way. Just like being in this room with her did. But he didn’t want to tell her that. It was awkward for her to and he didn’t like seeing a woman so beautiful being so sad.


Pharoah stepped into the office. “Congratulations Steve,” he said and shook his hand. “And Kate,” he said and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Pharaoh was the oddest one of the group and if he decided to join them he did but he didn’t like to be expected to so they never invited him to anything. This had been the way of it for years so having him show up like this was not new. Tony poured him a champagne and he took it with a polite nod.

“I think I might be able to help Logan,” he said out of the blue. “But, he does not know us and might not wish to be helped. It will be an invasive thing. I’ll have to possess him,” he said. He had done that before with the old Logan. And he ended up nearly dying from the pain he felt. He had tapped into the memory of Logan having the liquid adamantium fused onto his bones. It was the most painful thing Pharaoh had ever experienced. He did not want to do that again but their friend was lost somewhere inside his own head and he wanted to try and help find him.


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