The 4th Age
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Same Fight...Different Ending

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Post by Conleth on Tue May 14, 2019 8:31 am

Tony knelt down with Isabella next to Serena. He could tell she was in pain and she had dark lines into her flesh but Tony had seen this before. It was the effect from Doom’s dark power. It would fade in time but being electrocuted in that way could sometimes have adverse effects on someone’s nervous system and brain functions. He would never say this aloud but sometimes they could be permanent. He put on a good face for his family though. He grinned as he began retracting her out of her suit. Peter was there as well and his eyes had that look someone had when his entire world was crashing down upon him. “I’m so sorry Serena,” he murmured. “Hey, kid, she’ll be fine,” Tony said reassuringly and he tried to put on a positive face.

“Use your suit’s med kit...she’s in alot of pain,” Tony said to Isabella. “Natalya, see if Malcolm is alive. Logan...can you direct the EMS up here and handle the police?” Tony asked. Logan’s shirt was covered in blood but his wounds had healed. He checked over Natalya’s head wound. “Not to bad, might be a concussion,” He grumbled and then moved to do as Tony asked. Steve only looked on. He was busted up pretty badly by the looks of him and he had dark patches here and there on his shirt and legs where he was cut by falling debris. Kate stood but seemed to have issues with her balance.

“I don’t want to hear it,” Tony said to Steve and Steve only shook his head. When Natalya took a look at Malcolm she saw his puffed up cheek and jaw. His nose had been bleeding but that had stopped but he would not come to no matter what she did or said. He was breathing but it was shallow.


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Same Fight...Different Ending  - Page 2 Empty Re: Same Fight...Different Ending

Post by XslvrstarX on Tue May 14, 2019 8:40 am

Serena was fading in and out of consciousness. Her entire body trembled visibly in pain and she moaned almost constantly. Isabella knew they couldn’t send her to a hospital and as she began to administer some morphine she wondered if they didn’t need to contact SHIELD about this and seek some help from them. Isabella gently brushed back Serena’s hair in a soothing manner and remainder calm on the outside. Inside though she was anything but.

Kate looked at Steve with a worried expression in her eyes. “Are you alright?”

Natalya meanwhile tried to awaken Malcolm but his eyes remained closed no matter what she did. She began to become worried and she looked at Logan. “Hurry up with that ambulance. Malcolm’s not waking up.”


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