The 4th Age
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A Death In The Famly

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Post by XslvrstarX on Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:30 pm

Kressara stepped back into the main hall with Raihn close behind her. As she had requested, the servants had been gathered and were standing in a straight line. There were several armed guards around them and several of them appeared quite upset. She could only assume that those were the ones who already knew about the poisoning. The head maid, Hilda, was someone Kressara knew rather well. She had been the head maid here at the palace since well before she was born. She could be nice and grandmotherly, but right now she seemed upset and angry over what had happened.

Before Kressara could ask her, Hilda informed her that everyone was present apart from two women. Kressara immediately discounted Abigail as a suspect as Hilda had told her that she had been sick and out of the palace for the past few days. However, the other woman, Alice, was a recent hire and was now missing. Not only that, but it soon came to light that the deceased Captain had been her reference. She turned to address her aunt's head guard.

"We need to find her. I want every inch of this palace checked. Raihn will come with me and we will search the rest of the city. No one is to consume any drink or food. Assume for now that it is all poisoned and ensure that the Queen and the rest of the royal family is protected."


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