The 4th Age
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The Bond Between a Granddaughter and her Grandfather

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The Bond Between a Granddaughter and her Grandfather Empty The Bond Between a Granddaughter and her Grandfather

Post by XslvrstarX on Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:24 pm

Meliara giggled as she dashed through the hallways of the palace. The crafty four year old had managed to sneak away from her and her brother's nanny...again. She knew these halls well and knew where to hide from her father's soldiers. Einor was the only father she knew and Ariana and Einor had agreed that they would tell her the truth when she was older. For now Meliara happily called him her father and loved him dearly. She wasn't supposed to be out in the hallways alone and knew she could get in trouble. Ever since Queen Nauriel was poisoned by the Whitesnake Root and nearly died security around the royal family had dramatically increased. Extra precautions were taken and everyone was expected to have their guardsmen with them if they ventured outside of the palace walls. Meliara was too young to know any of this. All the young princess knew was that if her father or mother caught her she would be in trouble. Meliara was...stunningly beautiful. Her features were delicate and soft and her eyes were pools of brilliant blue. She wore a cream white dress with a blue satin ribbon around the middle that was tied into a bow at the back. Her light brown hair was pulled back, but a few pieces had come loose during her running. Her little feet barely made more than a pattering sound on the tiled floors.

Finally, she reached the set of doors she had been looking for. Glancing on the wall opposite the doors she gazed up at the painting of her grandmother, Queen Nauriel, engaged in the now infamous battle with the Witch King. She had gazed at the painting many times and every time she was frightened by the Witch King. As if fearing that the painting might come alive, she quickly turned and rushed over to the doors. One of the doors was partially open and the four year old paused a moment to listen. All she heard was the sound of a quill scratching against parchment so she knew it was safe to venture inside. She always tried to sneak up on him. She wanted to surprise her grandfather, but he always heard her coming. Today, she snuck as quietly as she could. She paused in mid-step to watch him, but he didn't look back at her. She began to step again and soon was right beside him. Still he didn't look at her. She had done it! He didn't know she was there.

"Surprise!" she suddenly said with a mischievous grin and giggle.


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