The 4th Age
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Evan Cullen

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Evan Cullen Empty Evan Cullen

Post by Conleth on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:14 pm

Evan Cullen:

Father: Dimitri Cullen, Human Scientist, a Specialist in Physics/ Dark Matter(Playby Mads Mikkelson)
Mother: Melantha Cullen, Primordial greek Demi-Goddess portraying as Human, Daughter of Nyx (Plyby Lana Del Ray)

Evan Cullen (Plyby Kit Harrington)
Age: 28
Agent of SHIELD: 4 years.

Melantha (aka Dark Flower) had been brought to this realm by Evan Cullen during an experiment involving Dark matter where he punched into the Dark, primordial plane of Chaos and saved Melantha from an eternity of torment and solitude. She had been placed in her prison by her own mother Nyx.

He fell in love with her fairly quickly and she him partly because he had saved her and partly because Dimitri was a very handsome, intelligent, passionate man. As a result of her love she bore him a son and named him Evan after Dimitri’s brother who died recently. They had been very close.

They had a relatively normal life though Evan began to manifest a certain affinity and kinship with shadows and an ability to see in pitch blackness. He left home though at age 18 after a falling out with his father. He joined the Army and Attended the Ranger and Special Forces schools and took college courses in Criminal Justice. 6 Years later he was recruited to become a SHIELD agent by Nick Fury who secretly had been contacted by his mother who explained Evan’s specific...aptitudes.

Power: Darkness Control
Can detect shadows and darkness and control/manipulate it. He can move, shift existing shadows and darkness and create physical elements and entities with it. He can see in complete darkness and step into a shadow and exit out of any other one within a 100 meter sphere or one that he already knows exists and is persistent like the closet in his bedroom for instance. This control can blind, deafen and inhibit sound as well as hold people as well as do Negative energy damage to them if he wishes. He can create animated shadows or creatures of darkness to fight for him and he can shoot negative energy bolts at people, make walls, bonds and shields out of it to stop physical or energy damage save for light based powers. He is immune to all dark/shadow based powers directed against him. He is immune to Fear attacks and possession. He is stronger and faster and more resilient from dusk til dawn.

Weaknesses: Light and light based powers. He takes double damage of light-based powers and can be held indefinitely in rooms without shadows. He is weaker, slower and less resilient from dawn to dusk.

Power: Fear Generation
He can cause people to feel fear at will in a 10 meter sphere around him. The stronger his own emotions become, the more fear he can make someone feel. He is immune to Fear attacks directed against him.

Weakness: Doesn't work during the day or when he is not in contact with shadows or darkness.


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Evan Cullen Empty Re: Evan Cullen

Post by Conleth on Sun May 19, 2019 11:19 am

After a bit more back and forth they all ended up at the large table with plates of pancakes and bacon and cups of coffee or tea. The consensus seemed to be that no one would vote no if Evan decide to join them. “I did a little research on Evan,” Tony said and all small talk cease as he finished up his bite of pancakes. “His father is a world renowned Scientist in Dark Matter Theory. His mother is...well more interesting. His mother is not of this world it appears,” he began and noticed everyone’s attentions seemed to perk up even more. “Her name is Merantha which means ‘Dark Flower’ in her language. She was. Princess that lived in the primordial plane of chaos,” he said. “Apparently she was imprisoned by her mother Nyx who was Queen there,” he said then went back to eating another bite. He wanted others to ask questions so he didn’t have to go through the entire file with them.


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