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The SSB - The Soviet Special Branch

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The SSB - The Soviet Special Branch Empty The SSB - The Soviet Special Branch

Post by Conleth on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:09 pm

The Soviet Special Branch was created when Oleg Demenok, a former KGB agent and director became discontent with the current status of the Soviet Union and the KGB. He formed an independent spy and anti-terror organization named the SSB, in order to protect Russian citizens and his country from foreign, domestic and other threats, super-being, extra-terrestrial and otherwise.  

Head Minister Oleg Demenok (Playby Brian Cox)
6 Ministers (Not necessary to name these)
General Grigory Mukhin (Plyby Harrison Ford)
Colonel Vasili Onegin (Playby Timothy V. Murphy)
Director Tatiana Kruglov (Playby Helen Mirren)
Assistant Director Andrei Pankov (Playby Andrew Howard)
Agent Zach Osborn (Playby Jonas Cobb)
Agent Natasha Rusnak (Playby Nathalie Buscombe)
Agent Luka Barinov (Playby Dan Jeannotte)
Agent Natalya Sokolova
Agent Zoya Sokolova (deceased)


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