The 4th Age
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Post by XslvrstarX on Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:25 pm

March 25th 3019 the Ring is destroyed; March 25th 3021 4th Age Begins

Elessar and Nauriel:
November 17th, 3019 Eldarion is born
October 6th, 3020 Laenaya is born
April 2nd, 3023 Calene is born
December 14th, 3025 Arina is born
July 5th, 3028 Kressara is born
January 21, 3031 Nauriel gives birth to a stillborn son after 18 hours of labor and nearly dies from complications. She is unconscious for 3 days. She is told by the healers when she awakens that she will never be able to bear anymore children.

All of Elessar and Nauriel's children are close with one another, but Eldarion and Laenaya are very close because they are the eldest and because they were born so close together. From a young age their children were taught to respect everyone and know how to take care of themselves. They are all well mannered and beloved by everyone in Gondor. Laenaya looks up to her mother and grandmother and looks a lot like Serethiel. She has her mother's spirit and courage and her father's sense of honor. She wants to do what is best for her family. Kressara, the youngest, shares a special relationship with her father and is pretty much a 'daddy's girl'.

Eomer and Lindariel:
Married May 19th, 3019
April 12th, 3020 Theodred is born. He is named after Eomer's cousin who was killed.
September 1st, 3022 Narisa is born

Theodred and Narisa have both been riding horses since before they could walk, but Narisa has a special touch when it comes to horses (almost like a horse whisperer) and has been able to ride horses that no one else has been able to. She and her older brother are not extremely close, but respect one another.

Conleth and Serethiel are both still alive and living as Lord and Lady of Gehenna. They are still very much in love and it shows. The village of Gehenna (which is now pretty much a town) is thriving and everyone is prosperous. There have been a few raids, but Serethiel has continued her archery lessons and Conleth has continued his swordsmanship lessons and thus they have almost a small army now which protects the village. They travel often to Gondor and Rohann to visit Nauriel and Lindariel and see their grandchildren. After Nauriel nearly died during childbirth they rushed to Gondor and spent nearly two months there with her while she recovered and helped to take care of the children. During that time Beren was left in charge of the village. He and Ithilwen are also still very much in love and very happy. Beren has recently completed a manuscript telling the story of Conleth and Serethiel's lives.


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Background Information Empty Re: Background Information

Post by XslvrstarX on Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:06 pm

Eldarion-Married to Calista (currently expecting twins-they are going to be boys)
Laenaya-Married to Gulbrandt
            -Aslan (kidnapped by the Northmen)
Calene-Married to Deshane
         -Kaled (born 5 weeks prematurely)
Ariana-Married to Lucas (now deceased)

Theodred-Married to Elisa
             -Expecting a child
Narisa-Married to Calaren


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