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Vereyn Kiiz

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Vereyn Kiiz Empty Vereyn Kiiz

Post by Conleth on Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:36 pm

Vereyn Kiiz 50148942963_72f71cc6d3_b

Name: Vereyn Kiiz

Gender: Male

Species: Conjoined Trill

DOB: 2233.174 (June 23rd, 2233), Symbiote (2097.216)

POB: Trillius Prime

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Navigator

Father - Harzal Kiiz
Mother – Keria Kiiz

Hair Color: Black/Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Discernible Markings: Trill spots on face, forehead and up the sides of his body.

Languages Spoken:
Federation Standard (English)

Advanced hand to hand combat
Elite Navigation
Engineering: Intermediate Electronic I
Engineering: Operations and Command Functions
Engineering: Base Mode Operations
Stellar Cartography
Advanced Pilot
Advanced Land Vehicle Pilot
Advanced Water Vehicle Pilot
Basic Planetary Survival
Basic: Field Medicine

Symbiote Skills:
Advanced Medicine
Life Sciences
Basic Energy Weapons
Engineering: Advanced Electronics
Engineering: Life Support Systems
Advanced Riding
Mixed Martial Arts
Advanced Shuttle Pilot

Biography: Every moment of Vereyn's (Ver-in) life was designed from birth to be apart of the Symbiote program. Having a son or daughter become a Host was a huge honor and afforded a family money and prestige. And so he was tested, retested and not allowed unproductive pursuits. Vereyn was an only child and he had very few friends and the friends that he did have were also in the program. Sports that may harm or scar them were forbidden but Vereyn craved thrills and adventure. Exactly what he was forbidden to have. He was home schooled at first and then was taken to the Host Academy where he was put through a rigorous academic schedule. Vereyn enjoyed anything about the stars and celestial bodies that inhabited the sky. He wanted to be out among them very much but he was never allowed. The academy was all in his life. When he was a teenager he met Lariel, a Trill female who was also in the program. They became fast friends and were extremely competitive, which was an integral part of being in the Host program. Only the top students through each phase of the program were advanced into the next phase. There were 4 phases and then a choosing in which a council of 7 chose among the best of the best, who would become conjoined. Vereyn lo and Lariel lost their virginity to one another and had fallen in love. While their relationship had not affected Vereyn, it had affected Lariel and after phase 3 she had been expelled from the program.

When Vereyn was 18 he had been selected to be joined...needless to say, his parents were very proud and excited.

That same year Vereyn applied to Starfleet and had been accepted. He chose the discipline of Navigation and Piloting but he excelled at Navigation. He Served under Captain Idris Turner on the Intrepid as their navigator for 5 years.

Past Hosts:
Doctor Nadra Prurah 2103.014-2168.03 (Deceased)
Confidence Man/Gambler/Trader Oren Buran 2168.04-2203.66 (Deceased)
Science Officer Urzial Wren 2203.68-2251.207 (Deceased)


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