The 4th Age
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The Serpent Crown Saga Characters

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The Serpent Crown Saga Characters Empty The Serpent Crown Saga Characters

Post by Conleth on Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:08 am

Queen Khepri
Instilled with part of Set’s will, Khepri is very powerful. She is strong in enchantment magic and Necromancy. She is perpetually 25 years old like the Prince and her officers but does not extend that boon to a soldier unless he or she is honored by her.

She isn’t overtly cruel but she does have a temper. A temper that had her kill Aneksi, the Prince’s wife by mistake. She is extremely beautiful and has several young male slaves. She prefers slaves from those she conquers and so her slaves are all quite different in appearance and race and usually among the most attractive among their various races. She is a very sensual creature by nature but would never sleep with a slave. At least not yet anyway.

Their race is called the Avani. Their Ancient King has ascended to another plane of existence and every Avani wishes to join him and the other ancients there. They call it, Ascending. Or The Ascended when they speak of their revered ancient ones or the King.

Prince Omari

His wife that died was named Aneksi. She was killed by Khepri but no one knows this.

Omari is strong willed and firm in his way of leading. His father was killed when he was a child so he was raised by his mother. He has some magical abilities, but not nearly that of his mother. He has a harsh temper, but he had never once turned that temper towards his wife, Aneksi. Aneksi came from a very poor family. He had met her when she had gone to the palace, begging for help for her sick father. Omari fell in love with the incredibly beautiful woman almost instantly. At the time he had been engaged to a woman from a powerful and rich family, but he did not love that woman and he broke off the engagement and married Aneksi. Besides his mother, Aneksi was the only woman he ever loved. He treated her with a gentleness and kindness he never showed anyone else.

The people loved Aneksi and because she came from among them, she was able to represent them to the Queen in a way no one else could. She had been beloved and was pregnant with their first child when she died.

Captain Ain (Female)

Captain Bahati (Female)

Lieutenant Jahi (Male)

Lieutenant Kohar (Male)

Set serpent Soldiers.
The soldiers wear gold blue green scaled armor with elaborate gold helmets. They carry energy spears that they are all well trained with. The spears can be stored at their sides and telescope from short spears to long spears. They can be used to shock or blast at range or to stab in melee combat. Their armor absorbs a certain amount of energy and minor cutting wounds. They can withstand regular bullets but not high powered or armor piercing rounds. The handles of their spears have extendable lanyards that they use to put around the necks of captives they wish to return to make slaves of them.

Slave Captives
Slaves wear shock collars that can be activated mentally by an Overseer. An Overseer is similar to a soldier though they are only females and they do not wear helmets. They only wear a gold headband that allows them to use mental magic to activate the painful shock collars to cull their slaves.


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