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Sebastian 'Seth' Hunter

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Sebastian 'Seth' Hunter Empty Sebastian 'Seth' Hunter

Post by Conleth on Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:22 pm

Name: Sebastian Hunter
Nickname: Seth
Born: October 1st, 1989; Currently 27 years of age
Place of Birth: New York, New York in Queens
Father: Frank
Mother: Ellen
Siblings: None

Appearance: Seth is of about average height for a man. He is lean, with good, cut muscle tone but not really due to working out. He has a medium complexion but can actually get fairly dark if he bothered to get a tan. His family on his mother’s side are Native American but he doesn’t look like he is. He has long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. He normally wears simple clothes. Nicer shoes or boots, jeans, silk shirts rolled to his forearms or cotton t-shirts and a nice jacket. He loves to wear sunglasses and has several designer pairs. He also has worn dressier styles of hats on occasion as well as neck chains and rings sometimes. He carries a butterfly knife and has been known to carry a handgun on occasion as well.

Distinguishing Marks: He has several tattoos and a pierced left ear. On his left palm is a spiral burn scar.

Personality: Seth can be charming, funny and witty when he wants to be but most of the time he is more concerned about himself than others and could often be classified as an Anti-hero. He is quick to anger, passionate and has an artistic mind being ambidextrous as he is. He dislikes snobs and people who feel they are better then him and will act out when he becomes upset or angry. He is intelligent but lacks self-discipline to really make something grand of himself. He likes women but Seth can find beauty in almost anything if he wants to. He enjoys drinking, he is a borderline alcoholic, smoking and dalliances with drugs when he can get them. Women in general are attracted to him as he is almost always just himself and emanates an aura of confidence most of the time even when he is dying inside which is often. Inwardly he is an unhappy man. Never satisfied with what he does and feels in general that he is and has been cheated in some way. He has on occasion gotten into physical fights though he is not a great fighter. What he lacks in ability there he makes up for in ferocity and when in such a state, rules do not exist for him.

Abilities: Seth is an excellent musician, singer and artist though he considers himself a hack. He can play most any guitar or stringed instrument that requires fingers and hands to use. He can play piano extremely well and writes his own music. He has been drinking since he was 16 and has a good tolerance for alcohol. He is fairly streetsmart around New York and also knows how to gamble and play at dice and cards.

Dream Sense: Seth can sense the dreams of another person has has come to know fairly well or whom he has had some kind of intimate contact with.

Oneirokinesis: Sebastian can enter the Dreams of others during REM sleep. He can change and manipulate this person's dreams in any number of ways. He can enter as himself or take on any guise he is familiar with. He is only limited by his own imagination. He can do this even if separated by any physical walls or barriers. As dreams are not real he can not do anything that would otherwise manifest itself into the real world save for a person's emotional state.

Background: Sebastian has had a very tough childhood growing up in the inner city. His mother left him and his father when he was very little. His father worked as a Security Guard on the docks. He was a drunkard and abused him often both physically and sexually. Because of this Sebastian has had multiple problems relating to other people; especially those that he went to school with. At the age of 12 he was removed from his father's care by social services when in a fit of rage his father forced him to place his hand on a hot, electric stove burner. He was bounced from one Foster Home to the next around the area. Some that were not much better then when he was with his father. It was not until he turned 14 that he began to steal and turn to crime as a means to sustain himself. Primarily living on the streets of New York he began to learn how to play a guitar he stole. For several years he panhandled, playing music for tips near the subways and bus stops. He wrote his own songs or sang and played tunes people requested if he knew them. Seth made friends easily and enemies but as people began to know him for his music they also began to know him for his odd behavior.

Some days he is capable of being rather normal by all accounts. Able to mind his temper, talk civilly to people and go about the day with a sense of purpose and forethought. Other days however he was abrasive and moody if he wasn’t on pills or alcohol or marijuana or a combination of them. The latter was unfortunately the majority of days and he was always one step away from losing his gig at the Vinsetta, a fairly swanky bar that had live music a few days a week. One thing that always mystified those that were able to look past his more tumultuous side. He had an uncanny knack with women. Women from all walks of life seemed more than just interested in him for sex or a one night stand. Many seemed to hold an almost crazed possessive quality for him that they begged and pleaded to him when he had told them that whatever it was between them was over.

Sebastian often used his unique abilities to manipulate women. He’d appear to them in their dreams and learn what their inner most fantasies and desires were then become the embodiment of those fantasies. Unfortunately it sometimes worked too well and as a result he had two cuts that had had to have stitches and a broken nose due to women who just would not accept being tossed aside once he had had his fun with them. He also used his abilities for vengeance as well. Men or women that treated him harshly he could payback in spades by invading their dreams and turning them into horrible nightmares that only a mind as warped as his was could create. For no matter what he fills the holes in his heart with, darkness or light, he can never seem to stop needing nor rid himself of the loneliness that seemed to follow him no matter where he went or what he did.

Recently his mother had died due to cancer and left him a large sum of money and an old, beat up, blue 1966 mustang.He still grieves for her and puts up with the old car and even talks to it as if it’s her tormenting him.

He lives high up at the top of a large, studio apartment he bought with most of the money that she had left him. There is a single, elderly guard on the first floor and an old, iron gate elevator which is the only way to get to the higher floors though there is roof access that he has claimed for his own by putting a bit of furniture and a tiki bar up there.


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