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Armand, the 5th Musketeer Empty Armand, the 5th Musketeer

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Armand, the 5th Musketeer Armond10
Armand, the 5th Musketeer Armond11

Name: Armand Norris
Birth: June 18th, 1605
Parents: Merle & Catrine Norris
Siblings: Sister, Josephine Norris
Place of Birth:  The outskirts of Nanterre a small village outside of Paris, France
Age: 28
Nationality: French

Appearance: Armand is average of stature though lithe with a well defined carved musculature to that of someone who has practiced long years with the sword. He has long, dark hair down to his shoulders and wears a thin mustache and goatee. He has dark eyes and a tanned complexion and is well known for how fair of face he is. Most of his brethren call him ‘far too pretty to be a Musketeer’.

Personality: Armoad is kind, compassionate, has a broad sense of humor and is nearly fearless. He often comes up with humorous quips when in dangerous situations and has a true lust for life and an unwavering faith in god. He enjoys small comforts, fine food and wine and beautiful women and will seek out these things when he is able. Though his family lives in a small town he prefers the city and enjoys the nightlife of Paris including the Theatre and he is an excellent gambler and card player.

History: Armand was Born to 2 devout Catholic farmers and he was sent to Saint-Ouen to attend school there when he was old enough at the age of 8. The school was a Catholic school  though he quickly found that many of the boys there were cruel and he learned how to defend himself early on after he had experienced more than one beating at the hands of the older boys. He graduated with honors at 14 but instead of returning home to work on the farm he moved to Paris in hopes of being allowed to join the Priory there in the Commons. He was accepted and for 3 years he studied to become a priest however when thieves broke in one night he accosted them as they killed one of the friars and as he accosted one and took up his weapon to defend his friends he ended up killing them all. Because of his sacrilege against god he was no longer allowed to remain at the priory however one of the officers that investigated the crime noted how he dispatched the thieves, one of which they had been trying to catch for years and bade him look up Count De Le Fere later known as Athos. Athos assessed his abilities and quickly saw his quickness and aptitude with the sword and began to train him. Only after a few years did he join the ranks of the Musketeers and after 10 years he has become one of the most skilled swordsman and fighters the Musketeers had ever seen. That and Armand is a pretty fair shot as well.

Equipment: Armand prefers to wear mostly lighter clothing, white tunics with dark brown leathers over them. He wears the hat and cloak of a Musketeer with tall dark boots, gloves and weapon belt. He carries a masterwork Rapier (Left hip given to him by the King himself along with a parrying dagger *behind Rapier on left hip), a single throwing knife (behind pistol on right hip) and a single shot pistol(right hip). In his left breast pocket he has a black rosary that once belonged to his great-grandmother and under his belt he has a small coin purse.

Fame: Armand has been referred to as ‘the 5th Musketeer’ more than once but does not hold to that title. He has defeated many dangerous and infamous criminals and has a reputation for such in and around Paris. At present he and the musketeers have been tasked to protect the Bishop Gerard after the failed attempt at his life. The Bishop is one of the main voices behind the removal of the protestant faith in Paris and as a result he has many enemies including nobles and others within the city. The King however is behind him as well as many nobles and commoners alike.


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