The Real Mission (April 1990)

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Isabella seasoned the pot of soup with a little more salt. She stirred it around with a wooden spoon and then lifted a little up and tasted it. She nodded in approval and turned the heat down to low on the burner. Tony was finishing up some work and so she would keep the soup warm. She had stopped taking the birth control pills a few weeks ago, but as of yet she wasn't pregnant. She knew it could take time and so she was remaining patient. She and Tony hadn't discussed the topic again. If and when she became pregnant then they would talk about it, but there seemed no point in it until then. She was hopeful though and quite happy. Things between Tony and herself had calmed down and gone back to normal. They both needed a vacation, but wouldn't be able to take one until after the Tower was finished. It was too close at this point for them to leave. Furnishings and other decor still needed to be picked out and final plan details needed to be reviewed. In a way, the Tower was like a baby of theirs. They had planned it together and had watched its birth and had watched it grow up. They were immensely proud of it and Tony would talk and brag about it to anyone who would listen like it was a child.

Isabella missed Steve, but she knew that he was doing what was best for him. She just hoped it was the right decision. Steve hadn't been out of the ice very long and he was still learning about this new world he was in. He was also a friend and she cared about him. She wanted him to be happy. She heard the front gate buzzer and she wiped her hands on a kitchen towel.

"Jarvis, who is at the gate?"

"It appears to be Steve Rogers. Shall I let him in?"

Isabella quickly nodded. "Yes, let him in."

As Jarvis opened the gate, she walked to the front door and opened it to meet him. When she saw the duffel bag she knew something had happened. She let him put it down and then she gave him a hug. She decided not to ask him about it. He would tell her if he wanted to.

"I made soup tonight. Are you hungry?"


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