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Post by XslvrstarX on Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:47 pm

Kate was surprised to look over and see Steve climbing into the co-pilot's seat. She glanced back behind her and saw Logan laying on the table with Natalya and Isabella next to him. Steve began the pre-flight checks. They needed to get out of the area quickly. As soon as they were ready to go Kate got them in the air and headed back towards New York. She glanced back again and saw that Logan still wasn't awake. That was extremely odd. Usually his wound would have healed by now and he would be awake. She suddenly got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Natalya was mortified when she saw the bullet. At first she didn't understand how it could have pierced through his adamantium skeleton when suddenly she realized that the bullet was something that the SSB had been working on that could pierce through nearly any type of armor. Her face paled with fear and she held onto Logan's hand. She pressed his hand to her forehead and closed her eyes to fight back the tears that filled them. "You can't leave me now...not after all we've been through. Without you I'm nothing," she said in barely more than a whisper.

As Isabella moved up to her in the cockpit she looked over at her. She nodded and glanced at Steve when Isabella told her that Logan wasn't alright. She pushed the throttle forward and the jet sped up. She radioed ahead to SHIELD so they would expect them and would be ready to take Logan. As soon as they landed she saw Fury, Coulson, and several SHIELD hospital doctors with a stretcher.

As the doctors embarked the jet Isabella explained to them what had happened. They quickly loaded him onto a stretcher and Natalya remained by his side as he was wheeled inside.


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