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Post by Conleth on Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:27 pm

Name: Aedael Caemaere (A-ah-Day-uhl Kay-mahr-ay)
Gender: Male
Race: High Elf
Age: 2464 Years Old

Aedael Caemaere Elf110

Family: Caemaere, thousands of years old
Father: Lothemar Mother: Estindil
Heritage Trait/s: Silent Passage/Concealment and Weirding

Weirding: An ancient style of fighting that is extremely rare now. It employs a breathing technique that allows for a near endless endurance, quick movements and different stances with a single weapon, traditionally a light sword. In its advanced forms it allows for near impossible feats of agility, balance and levitation.

Personality: Aedael is not usually talkative and tends to keep his opinions to himself. He is thoughtful, insightful and tactful with everyone to a fault and usually can discern one’s purpose and intent before they do, themselves. He can be a curious sort at times, always wanting to learn something new whatever it is. He appreciates art in all of its forms but prefers singing to anything else. He has a dry sense of humor and appreciates a good joke or anecdote but had not spent serious time with any of such pursuits though he wants to someday. He is courageous, loyal and honest but has been known to lie on occasion when it suited him.

Appearance: Aedael is 6’2” tall, lithe with a tight, cut musculature. His flesh is as pale as snow with willowy soft white blonde hair that extends down to the middle of his back. His eyes are a pale blue as his mother wanted. He is almost always in a suit of coppery gold with a paler cloak. When he is on duty he is in his magical light armor named ‘Escal’ of a shimmering copper in daylight that goes to almost a matte black in shadow which does much to conceal him when he wants to be. He wears no helm or shield nor bow and only his sword named ‘Laica’ adorns his right shoulder. It is said it’s edge and tip are so keen it can pierce through armor, shields and even dragon scales.

Background: Captain Caemaere is the last son of one of the oldest families in the Kingdom. Born of noble stock Aedael was cloistered away to private tutors since he was a child. Fun and leisure were not part of his life and from a young age he had known fighting and war. He was taught the Weirding arts and as a result is known well by the enemies that have faced him in battle. He has served as a soldier, a scout, an assassin and now as a Guardian of the Realm. He has met Laurelen Goldenstar before as a guard during peace talks Long ago but knows little of her besides her position as Queen and that she was known for being very stubborn and clever.


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