Whose Coming To Dinner?

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Whose Coming To Dinner? Empty Whose Coming To Dinner?

Post by Conleth on Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:10 am

That evening he sat next to Narisa at table. She was just as annoying as ever but he did love his sister evenso. They spoke their own language and she really liked Elisa besides. She knew they were into one another long before they really did. Lindariel kept looking at him as if she suspected something but he decided that it was silly fancies taking him only and that he should not feel guilty for what he and Elisa had done.

“Tomorrow, Commander Heimall and his family are coming,” before he could continue both Theodred and Narisa groaned. Eomer gave them a frown but continued. “His daughter…” He tried to remember, “Brienne,” Lindariel added quickly. And both Narisa and Theodred cringed. “Ah yes, Brienne,” he continued, “Is now of age Theodred. “I know you two had not exactly gotten along in the past but the time for childish gripes are at an end. That and your indecision at selecting a proper wife. You will entertain Brienne and make an earnest effort of ‘impressing’ her yes?”

Brienne was very pretty with long, blonde hair, large hazel eyes and perfect skin. She had ‘filled out’ as of late and had bloomed into a very beautiful woman. She and her younger brother Niall hadn’t visited in years and neither were well liked by he nor Narisa both. “No, I will not,” Theodred said defiantly and looked up at him and Narisa swallowed a half chewed piece of chicken hard as her eyes grew large. Theodred had disagreed with their father before but never so bluntly.

“Will...not,” Eomer said in a soft voice and his lips worked as if the words were alien on his lips. “Will...not?” he repeated and Lindariel broke in.


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