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Post by Conleth on Wed Aug 24, 2016 6:43 pm



Parents-Mother-Lindariel, Queen of Rohan; Father-Eomer, King of Rohan

Father's occupation-King/ Formerly Marshall Captain

Appearance-Theodred as Long, wavy, Dark brown hair, Deep Blue eyes and a fair complexion. Being 1/8" Dunedain he is tall, nearly 6'3" with broad shoulders, a strong back and, strong arms and powerful looking thighs.

Personality-Kind, slow thinker, hard to anger but also stubborn, nominally intelligent.

Notable Skills: He knows horses and is an excellent rider and combatant in and out of the saddle. He is very athletic and seems to have a nearly inexhaustible endurance. He is a very good kisser, or so he has been told.


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